WARNING: This podcast challenges beliefs you thought were true about you and your world.

Join Professional Certified Coach, Linda Heeler, as she uncovers the “normal lies” that have become “normalized” in our lives for years.

As a coach, Linda works with people to uncover and shift the disempowering stories (lies) that the voice in their head says are true about them.

After realizing the lies that we were born into and the systemic racism that has taken place in our country for hundreds of years, Linda’s eyes were opened to the harm that’s occurring simply because we have been living so many lies. And, it’s not just the lies about race but also regarding sexism, ableism, ageism, etc.

Each week, Linda and her guests talk about how "normal lies" came to be as they explore topics that range from relationships, parenting, your health, racism, sexism, career, trauma and more.

Listen as Linda and her guests have hard, and sometimes messy conversations as we discover these lies and their impact on all of us. They discuss actions to begin breaking through the lies so we can ultimately live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Recent Episodes

The Truth Behind Celebrity and Fame, with Mitchell Fink

June 22, 2022

Episode 55. “Nobody ever took a course in a college or a high school that teaches you how to be famous. So everyone who becomes famous is learning it in real time.” Mitchell Fink is an internationally recognized journalist a…

Revisiting The Black & the White of It, with Michelle Wescott

June 15, 2022

Episode 54. Juneteenth celebrates the day that the last of the slaves in this country were freed. It is truly a day for all of us to celebrate! In honor of the upcoming Juneteenth celebration, Normal Lies is replaying episo…

Embracing the Mess, with Elle Rosselli

June 8, 2022

Episode 53. “This isn't going to look perfect. This is going to be messy, but as long as it gets done and keeps moving in a forward direction, it doesn't matter how many steps you take. It's part of being a parent and starti…

Using Your Strengths to Find Your Voice, with Golden Madume

June 1, 2022

Episode 52. Meet Golden Madume, a teacher, coach and speaker. Born in Nigeria, Golden moved to the United States as a teenager in 2007 and began his journey of education and self-discovery. Golden is a Gallup-certified stren…

"Just Calm Down, It's All in Your Head," & Other Lies About the "Baby Blues," with Megan Mills

May 25, 2022

Episode 51. “…everyone’s really excited about a new baby, and so is the mom, don't get me wrong. But ask mom if she's okay too. It's possible, she’s really not.” A few months ago, Megan Mills introduced Linda to the term, “p…


The Hard Truth about Motherhood, with Nyeshia Gibson

May 18, 2022

Episode 50. Nyeshia Gibson is 31 years old, a single mother of three and the CEO of Saving AJ, Inc. Nyeshia spends her days working with single moms, victims of domestic violence, victims of rape, victim of circumstances, po…