March 15, 2023

A Food Lover’s Conscious (& often Messy) Journey, with Jamie Truppi

A Food Lover’s Conscious (& often Messy) Journey, with Jamie Truppi

Episode 87.  “… I’ve been broke pretty much my entire adult life. but I've always had an abundance of food and that makes me feel rich.”

Jamie Truppi has a passion for connecting the mind-body-spirit with healing foods and plants from the earth.

Jamie’s life centers around food, people, nature, wellbeing, traveling, and cultivating meaningful experiences in this short, crazy life.

As a functional nutritionist with a master’s degree in science and nutrition and board certified as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Jamie guides her clients to go from gut-brain-stress dis-ease to healing. 

More from Jamie:

  • “… food is just one extension of the bigger picture of my values, but it is one that comes up constantly because, for example, when we choose a home to live in… we don't have to make it again for a while… When we choose to buy a car, we do that once and we don't have to think about it again for quite a few years, hopefully. However with food, we're making these choices five, six, seven, eight times a day… We are constantly making food choices and it can be really distressing for people who don't know what to choose.”

  •  “I remember fearing when I was a vegan, I was like, “what if I decide I want meat someday, and here I am calling myself a vegan, and then everyone's gonna call me a hypocrite.  I'm gonna go down that road of judgment and criticism. So there's a lot of psychological distress around eating regardless of what the diet is.”

  • “We just have to remember that it doesn't actually matter what other people think. What matters is what's right for us.”

  • “… all of a sudden you start to expand your palate because you're like, “I wonder what that tastes like?” and this is food curiosity… and then we go back to psychological like, “oh gosh, I can't remove meat! I could never remove dairy. I don't know how I would function!” People have done harder things,  and if we get playful and think of it as an experiment through the lens of childlike eyes, it's “I wonder how would I feel without dairy for a week?”

For more information about Jamie and to purchase her book, Clean Food, Messy Life: A food lover’s conscious journey back to self, visit:

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