Nov. 25, 2021

BONUS: Wisdom in the Finale, Part 3

BONUS: Wisdom in the Finale, Part 3

BONUS: Episode 37. As a thank you to you, Linda has compiled answers to the finale questions from her  last six guests to create this bonus episode, "Wisdom in the Finale, Part 3.”   

Listen to the brilliance of Tamara MacDuff, Laurel Nelson, Rock Castor, Dellenna Harper and Heather & Ben Lee as they share their responses to…

"The most important thing I learned or best piece of advice I received when I was younger is…"

"One lie that I wish I discovered sooner is…"

"The thing that makes you authentically you is…"

"If you had a magic wand that would make everyone in the world believe one thing, it would be…"

She ends the episode with the wisdom and brilliance of recurring guest, Michelle Wescott.

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