Aug. 18, 2021

College Professor to Academic Rebel & Entrepreneur, with Ashley Fico

College Professor to Academic Rebel & Entrepreneur, with Ashley Fico

Episode 25.  Ashley Fico's quest to break down stereotypes and lies in the world of academia led her to create the hashtag, #academicrebel. Ashley’s journey toward living life authentically gave her the freedom to write, which has created new connections. This is a full conversation that includes people-pleasing, setting intentions and how connecting with her creativity has led Ashley to a wonderful new possibility.

Ashley has a background in both academia and entrepreneurship. She works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health & Health Education at SUNY Brockport. Along with her brother, she is Co-Founder of InnoQuests LLC. They have created the InnoQuests mobile app, which transforms the process of touring a city into an immersive story-based experience analogous to an escape room.

Connect with Ashley Fico, Ph.D on LinkedIn,  email her at Follow Innoquests on Facebook.

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