March 22, 2023

How Your Strengths Give You an Edge, with Nermine Zakhary

Episode 88. “… imagine something comes so easily for me and I expect the person sitting next to me to be able to do what I do, their strengths are different than mine. They have other gifts that they bring …

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March 15, 2023

A Food Lover’s Conscious (& often Messy) Journey, with Jamie Truppi

Episode 87. “… I’ve been broke pretty much my entire adult life. but I've always had an abundance of food and that makes me feel rich.” Jamie Truppi has a passion for connecting the mind-body-spirit with healing foods and pl...

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March 1, 2023

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 8

Episode 86. This episode is a compilation of Linda’s most recent guest's answers to her finale questions: What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were younger? A lie you wish you discovered sooner? What’s the th...

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Feb. 22, 2023

Essential Secrets for Career Success, with Mark Herschberg

Episode 85. “Collecting business cards isn’t networking. I tell people, getting someone's card or adding someone on LinkedIn and saying they're in your network, that's like swiping right on a dating app and saying, this perso...

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Feb. 8, 2023

“But alcohol relaxes me!” & Other Lies about Drinking, with Jennifer …

Episode 84. “I don't drink anymore. I haven't had a drink in almost three years, so why do I have to tell the world I'm an alcoholic? I'm a non-drinker, I'm not an alcoholic. I did have an issue with …

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Feb. 1, 2023

Overcoming the Lies of Childhood, with Judy Schwingel

Episode 83. “… those lies early on really informed a whole lifetime of shielding myself that really was unnecessary because we have unlimited capabilities that are never tapped if we just give every individual the opportunity...

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Jan. 25, 2023

Uncover Your Inner Genius, with Avadhi Dhruv

Episode 82. "... it's each individual person's duty in their life to fulfill on their purpose, and follow the path of their dharma and this is where the societal conditioning and all of those lies that we are set up …

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Jan. 18, 2023

Caring & Empathy: A New Path to Leadership & Success in Business, wit…

Episode 81. “… people appreciate my leadership style, which is one of caring and empathy and really trying to relate with people but still have standards and expectations. But, because I couldn't see myself in a lot of the p...

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Jan. 11, 2023

Question Your Choices & Discover Possibilities, with Keltie Maguire

Episode 80. “… one of the great joys of my life is to really question how I'm living and the choices I'm making. Whether things need to be a certain way, whether I want them to be a certain way …

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Jan. 4, 2023

From Competition to Collaboration, with Melissa Davis

Episode 79. “… entrepreneurship can feel really lonely. And the reason that it feels really lonely is because I believe we isolate ourselves based on this competitive, usually adopted, mindset or collective behavior that we h...

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Dec. 28, 2022

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 7

Episode 78. This is a compilation of Linda’s most recent guest's answers to her finale questions: What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were younger? A lie you wish you discovered sooner? What’s the thing that...

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Dec. 14, 2022

How Our Passion Can Lead to Burnout, with Prithvi Madhukar

Episode 77. Prithvi Madhukar is known as The Marketing Nomad. Prit is the CEO of The Marketing Nomad LLC, a global Marketing Consultancy Firm in Delaware that, as of this year, has helped sixty-plus clients from eight differ...

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Dec. 7, 2022

Exposing Myths of White Supremacy, with Jill Nagle

Episode 76. “… white supremacy mythology is so deeply embedded in the US culture… meaning images and stories on television and other places, and it's slippery and it's insidious and it's persistent.” Jill Nagle is an author...

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Nov. 30, 2022

How to Navigate Change and Thrive, with Luz Flores Lee

Episode 75. “… if you're in a place where you know you need to make changes, if you're suffering, it's okay. The way to get through all of this, the way to get to what you actually want, is love …

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Nov. 23, 2022

The Magic in Owning Your Story, with Jackie Goddard

Episode 74. “…hopefully people will realize that there's nothing wrong with a bit of showing off and it's not showing off. It's just being confident…” Jackie Goddard has spent 30 years working in the arts. She’s been a High S...

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Nov. 16, 2022

Unlock Your Happiness by Embracing Your Flaws, with Tanya Cole-Lesnick

Episode 73. “… to me, the secret to a life that is satisfying and has peace and happiness in it, is learning how to connect to yourself.” Tanya Cole-Lesnick has been a psychotherapist (licensed clinical social worker) and c...

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Nov. 9, 2022

Generational Myths from a Baby Boomer & a Gen "Z"er, with Jonathan Go…

Episode 72. “Things are not the way they used to be. And a lot of times when people who will criticize the younger generation will say that we are soft, that we don't work hard. They're thinking of what hard …

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Nov. 2, 2022

The Man Behind the Curtain: Jessica Renee’s Courageous Journey From V…

Episode 71. *This episode deals with the subject of child sexual abuse, listener discretion is advised.* Valerie Dimino joins Linda to talk about her experience coauthoring the memoir, The Man Behind the Curtain, her debut bo...

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Oct. 19, 2022

Learning to relish uncertainty, with Dr. Carla Fowler

Episode 70. “I think that our sense of happiness and how we feel about things, is both something we can influence through our perspectives, but I also think it is related to, “Are we spending time on things that most …

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Oct. 12, 2022

Busting the myths of goal-setting, with Dr. Carla Fowler

Episode 69. “I think goals are a useful tool, but like any tool you have to decide where is the appropriate place to deploy them and and how are they serving you?” Dr. Carla Fowler is an MD PhD and …

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Oct. 5, 2022

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 6

Episode 68. Linda, once again, brings a compilation of her most recent guest's answers to her finale questions: What’s The best piece of advice you received when you were younger? A lie you wish you discovered sooner? What’s ...

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Sept. 28, 2022

“Is this my normal or, is this good for me?” with Mark Dulaney

Episode 67. “We will stop someone from being foolish with their money. We'll stop someone from being foolish with their marriage. But we'll just let people eat their way into an early grave and not think anything of it.” Mark...

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Sept. 21, 2022

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, with Rehnuma Karim, Ph.D

Episode 66. “Sometime the things that we thought are good for us may not be good in the long term. Those are the moments when those things are happening (and) you will feel catastrophic loss and all those kind of …

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Sept. 14, 2022

Replay: "Momming," Shaming & Vulnerability Hangovers, with Amanda Har…

Episode 65. "This podcast is about the “normal lies" that we have been born into that have become so “normalized.” I think is one of them is that whole “American work ethic.” Yes, we, we want to work, but it's …

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