Feb. 22, 2023

Essential Secrets for Career Success, with Mark Herschberg

Essential Secrets for Career Success, with Mark Herschberg

Episode 85. “Collecting business cards isn’t networking. I tell people, getting someone's card or adding someone on LinkedIn and saying they're in your network, that's like swiping right on a dating app and saying, this person is now your significant other.”

From tracking criminals and terrorists on the dark web to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems, Mark Herschberg has spent his career launching and developing new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s and in academia, with over a dozen patents to his name. 

Mark helped start the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, dubbed MIT’s “career success accelerator,”  is the author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You as well as the creator of the Brain Bump app. 

This conversation runs the gamut, from networking to ethics to leadership:

  • “… every time I meet someone, I think “Nice to meet you. What can I do to help?” Now, I'm not gonna show up and move your couch, but maybe there's other ways I can help you. And that is relationship building. You don't keep score with your friends, you don't keep score with your network.” 
  • “Leadership is about stepping up and getting people to follow you, but the good news is you can practice and develop these skills long before you have that title…”
  • “I always get the sense ‘ethics,’ it’s the redheaded stepchild. Ethics is, “Well, after we have everything else, our profitability, our leadership and everything else. . . if we have time… we'll get to ethics…”

For more information about Mark and to purchase his book, The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You, visit: https://www.thecareertoolkitbook.com/

To learn more about his Brain Bump app, go to: https://brainbumpapp.com/

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