Aug. 17, 2022

Exploring the Myths of Mindset, Marketing & Managing Your Social Media, with Dani Hamlet & Kristi Mitchell

Exploring the Myths of Mindset, Marketing & Managing Your Social Media, with Dani Hamlet & Kristi Mitchell

Episode 61.  “What role does social media play in your business? A lot of times, I don't think people can even answer that question. And so, if you're not clear on that, how are you gonna know if you're getting what you want out of doing social media?  And how are you going to know what you should be posting?”   ~Kristi Mitchell

If you have ever struggled with using social media for your business, you are going to love this conversation about mindset, marketing strategy and managing content with Linda, Dani Hamlet, a Social Media and Content Manager, and Marketing Strategist, Kristi Mitchell. 

From Dani- “I call it ‘trend paralysis.’  You see all these trends, you might like some of them, and some don't feel like you and you just kind of feel like, “That’s it, I just can't compete with this!”

- “You don't need to chase after the trends because it is ever changing. But the one thing that isn't changing is you. Your business is changing too, but your brand, that stays the same. You just gotta stick with your awesomeness…”

- “You don't have to sit there and try to be something, you are not. It's actually a really giving thing to post on social media.”

From Kristi- “We don't want you to feel like you have to. We want you to feel like you GET the opportunity. We want you to be excited about the content you're creating. It is supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to feel like a chore.”

- “If you're not excited about the message that you're bringing to social media to share with people, if you're not infusing the passion that you have for your business and the clients that you serve in the content that you're creating, it's gonna show...”

- “Creating content is always about solving problems for your clients.   It's about being a problem solver and a thought leader.”

From Linda- " We all have that voice in our head, that Judge who likes to compare us and our circumstances with everybody else. And so it's a downward spiral conversation and we can end up in a hole somewhere. So I really think we have to be aware of those lies that are just in our head.”

-“You have a voice, you have a message. You have something that the world needs. And so stop making it about yourself. And you both have said this, “make this about the people that you can reach and the impact that you can have on them.”  Take a stand, use your voice.”

-“We have to understand, why are we doing (social media)? It's not enough to say, “it's for my business,  I need to get clients and I need to make money.” To me, that’s not enough. We’ve gotta figure out exactly, “Why?"

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Danielle HamletProfile Photo

Danielle Hamlet

Social Media & Podcast Manager

Danielle Hamlet (most people call her Dani... so you can too!) helps business owners create and manage their content. She specializes in social media and podcast management with the mission to consistently showcase your business' values and voice online -- so you can be the thought leader in your industry.

Dani worked online for 6 years as a teacher before starting her own business. She lives in Michigan with her husband and 3 kids. Dani loves coffee, deadlines, a great book, and a problem to solve... and she's happy :)

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Kristi Mitchell

Marketing Strategist

Kristi Mitchell is a Marketing Strategist. She specializes in working with established service-based business owners who have relied on referrals and word-of-mouth to get to where they are today. They know in order to take their business to the next level, they need to finally get strategic about their marketing efforts. Kristi assesses all areas of your digital marketing (both in terms of data and content) in order to make customized, detailed recommendations. She also has an extensive network of implementation experts to connect you with as needed.