Sept. 7, 2022

Find Your Freedom by Letting Go, with Gary Miles

Find Your Freedom by Letting Go, with Gary Miles

Episode 64.  “My happiness is being true to myself and being a better person today than I was last year. The only person I should really compare myself to is me. Am I growing? Am I learning? Am I responding better?”

Gary Miles is a four decade member of the legal profession, who has learned there is a solution to every problem. He loves helping folks solve their problems.

Gary is dedicated to helping lawyers, entrepreneurs and professionals achieve the success of their dreams. 

He is passionate about showing people how to free themselves from the prisons that entrap them, whether that is financial, emotional, or physical.

Gary is also a loving husband, father of five and grandfather,  and he believes that we all are entitled to the very best life possible.

In his conversation with Linda, Gary shares some of his journey and lots of the wisdom he has gleaned from his experiences over the years:

“When I reflected on my childhood, I realized that I'd gotten these messages, that I wasn't good enough that I wasn't liked, and my people pleasing behaviors made me sort of depressed, frustrated because I couldn't please everybody.  I realized I had to choose a different way of living life, where what I focused on was being true to myself.  And people who liked me for who I was, that was great, and that other people's opinions of me really don't matter.”

“I worked a lot with lawyers in recovery. Lawyers who are having wellness issues. And the biggest impediment is, sometimes it's hard for us to humble ourselves and say, “I'm struggling, I could use some support.”  

“The real me was different than what I portrayed to you and how you interpreted me, what you thought of me was different than what I portrayed to you. And to me, really, fulfillment comes from when they're one and the same. The me who I really am is who I show to you, and that's how you see me.”

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