Oct. 27, 2021

Flushing Out the Lies of the Auto Repair Industry, with Heather & Ben Lee

Flushing Out the Lies of the Auto Repair Industry, with Heather & Ben Lee

Episode 34. What do you get when you cross two theater majors with an automotive repair shop? A whole lot of entertaining auto information! 

Linda’s guests, Ben and Heather Lee, are not only married but they are co-owners of Schoen Auto in East Rochester, NY.   Ben and Heather both come from theater backgrounds, which is likely one of the reasons they host their podcast,  Gear Related, a Peak Under the Hood of the Automotive Repair Industry.

During this discussion, Ben and Heather uncover lies surrounding the automotive repair business, give some great tips when it comes to dealing with your auto repair shop, and, the conversation takes some unexpected twists and turns.

While Heather gets to stretch her automotive repair shop marketing and business wings a bit, her main day job is working as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  She is also an author of picture books, plays, short stories, and novels. 

Ben is an ASE certified master technician with over 20 years of experience. Ben has serviced and repaired automotive vehicles from every major manufacturer. In addition to his passion for working on cars, he also has BFA in theater, with an emphasis in acting and playwriting. 

Check out SchoenAuto.com for more information. You can reach Ben at Ben.Lee@SchoenAuto.com and Heather at  Heather.Lee@SchoenAuto.com.

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