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Ashley Fico is CEO/Co-founder of InnoQuests LLC. Along with her brother, Kyle Anker, she wanted to create a service that encouraged people to connect with their communities and each other. Using the InnoQuests mobile app, players are immersed in a story that guides them from place-to-place in their cities. Puzzles encountered at each location can only be solved through real-world exploration. Developing InnoQuests was a journey that required looking at the world through a creative lens. Ashley and Kyle are excited to announce that InnoQuests will be available through app stores beginning April 16th, 2022, with their first game available in Rochester, New York.

April 13, 2022

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Episode 45. Ashley Fico is back with some exciting news! The Innoquests App is launching on April 16th, 2022! We first heard from…

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Aug. 18, 2021

College Professor to Academic Rebel & Entrepreneur, with Ashley Fico

Episode 25. Ashley Fico's quest to break down stereotypes and lies in the world of academia led her to create the hashtag, #acad…

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