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Spiritual Business Coach and Author of Inner Genius Outer Guru

Avadhi Dhruv is a spiritual business coach and an international bestselling author who helps entrepreneurs and business leaders reconnect with their magnificence. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs reclaim the power in their businesses so they can create financial abundance and inner fulfillment, while making a positive impact in the world.

After having a successful corporate career in engineering and management, Avadhi still felt the urge to explore her higher purpose in life. In 2014, she decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey to connect with her inner genius and uncover the best way in which she was meant to serve the world.

After investing significant amounts of time, money, and energy into her personal development by completing numerous courses, consuming countless books and videos, participating in top-tier business training events and workshops, hiring and working with coaches, and doing a lot of soul searching, Avadhi experienced tremendous growth and realized that her passion and purpose in life is to make a positive impact in the world through empowering other entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Avadhi founded the brand, Avadhi.guru™, with the intention of bringing a holistic approach to businesses. She finds fulfillment in helping entrepreneurs gain clarity and confidence in achieving their business dreams. Through her books and programs, she helps her clients create and execute on strategic plans for their businesses, where they have unlimited potential for growth in income, freedom in lifestyle, and a deep understanding of their worth as a business owner.

Today, Avadhi is a thought leader and world leader whose vision is to create a world of abundance and fulfillment by empowering heart-centered, conscious entrepreneurs to take their businesses to new heights. Her clients have included budding entrepreneurs to leaders of multi‐million dollar international businesses who have successfully made transformational changes in their businesses and lives.

Avadhi is the Chief Transformation Officer at Prabhat – a global brand and more than fifty years strong family owned business. In a few short years, she has helped the Prabhat group of companies achieve multi-levels of topline and bottom-line growth along with the ability to thrive in any kind of economic climate. Avadhi is a PsychK Facilitator and uses her skills and experience coupled with powerful transformational tools to help her clients create long-lasting business results.

Avadhi was born in India and has been connected to spirituality since her earliest years. Her parents practiced meditation, yoga, breathwork, and took her with them to various retreats in nature as a young child. Avadhi attended a residential school in India, a Gurukulam, which provided an environment of holistic education interwoven with spiritual practices. At her school, the focus was on developing children into entrepreneurial-minded world leaders who have the humility of a saint, the knowledge of a teacher, and the wisdom of a guru. Her unique upbringing has been a major propellant in her accelerated development in terms of knowledge and wisdom beyond her biological years.

Avadhi moved from India to the United States with her parents in her high school years, and thereafter, attended Georgia Institute of Technology for her undergrad in Industrial and Systems Engineering. After graduating with honors in May 2011 as part of her corporate career, she moved to sunny San Diego, California, which is where she currently resides with her husband, Chirag.

Avadhi is passionate about personal development and is a lifelong learner. She loves supporting her amazing family, spending time in nature, and remaining present throughout her day.

Avadhi is grateful for every step of her journey so far which has led her to being her true expression as a coach, author, and guru. She believes that every human has entrepreneurial potential, and every entrepreneur has an Inner Genius that deserves to be expressed so that business owners can have an abundant and fulfilling life.

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Jan. 25, 2023

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