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I have spent 30 years working in the arts. I have been a High Street fashion designer and worked in the costume departments of the Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre, and the West End. I’ve been an actor, producer and director for the London and Edinburgh fringe and have spent the last 20 years working with adults and children, teaching them how to act and use their voice effectively. I have produced theatre and made short films.

During the pandemic I took my classes online, working with groups of adults including some with learning disabilities.
I recorded and edited their Zoom 'performances' to produce short films to share.

I'm a strong believer that everyone should give improvisation a go for fun, but also to build confidence and communication skills, after all, we improvise every day, every time we open our mouths!
I've even run online improvisation sessions!

With my company, Power To Speak I use my acting experience and training to coach business leaders, solopreneurs and professional speakers so that they can use their voice and their story to show up confidently for their audience, customers and clients.

In September 2020 I started a podcast. Originally called Atticus Arts Creative Conversations, I talk to business owners, entrepreneurs and authors about what creativity means to them and how they use it in their life and work. It has been a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from some inspiring individuals. I've changed its name to Power To Speak, The Podcast but the theme of creativity remains at its heart.

Dec. 28, 2022

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Nov. 23, 2022

The Magic in Owning Your Story, with Jackie Goddard

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