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Jill Nagle

Author and facilitator

Jill Nagle is is currently seeking representation for her book, Skin in the Game: How White People Benefit from Dismantling White Supremacy. She is a multiply-published author, coach, facilitator, and founder of Evolutionary Workplace. She uses somatic tools to help leaders dismantle white supremacy and other ills from the inside out, which in turn helps us to become more whole. She aims to help reduce harm to Black and Brown people, as well as support white people in liberating themselves from the effects of white supremacy’s toxic mythology.

Dec. 7, 2022

Exposing Myths of White Supremacy, with Jill Nagle

Episode 76. “… white supremacy mythology is so deeply embedded in the US culture… meaning images and stories on television and other places, and it's slippery and it's insidious and it's persistent.” Jill Nagle is an author...

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