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Jillian Jones

Owner of Supportive Divorce Solutions

Jillian Jones is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and the Founder of Supportive Divorce Solutions, Inc., an independent consulting firm serving clients nationwide. Her background as a Financial Planner, Wealth Manager and Insurance Agent, provides her clients with the skills and insight needed in a CDFA®. She ensures that each of her clients have the knowledge and support that is needed to make informed decisions about their divorce. By advocating for her client’s financial futures, clients feel confident in the choices they are making today and understand how those choices impact their future.
Through her specialized training, Jillian assists her clients with creating budgets, consulting on pensions, investments, retirement accounts, insurance, real estate and more. She can design your divorce settlement and propose creative solutions for child support and spousal support.
If you want a safe and secure financial future do not hesitate - schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation today!

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