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Transformational Life Coach / Speaker / Missionary

I have a personal story that describes my experiences and challenges as a child suffering from significant problems with epilepsy; later in grade school, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and a visual perception disorder. I experienced many societal biases, stigmas, and negative medical opinions that believed I was incapable of learning or overcoming my disabilities. These experiences, challenges, and the heroes in my life instilled in me a strong will to overcome and do anything I choose. “If I can Imagine it, it can be done”, became my mantra in life.
Even though I persevered and worked to overcome many things; the lies that haunted me for years were that I was not smart enough and I was just not “enough”. So I would strive for perfection in all I attempted and if I did not feel I could achieve perfection, I would not try. This is likely the reason I didn’t pursue a Nursing school that had a degree program and I waited until age 46 to get my first degree.
I recently sought Life Coaching as a career change, because I had worked in upper management in a Large Health care system for nearly 10 years. I grew weary of managing people and performance measures and not feeling connected with the people I was serving. I felt drawn and honestly Spiritually called to return to what I know are my true God-given talents as a spiritual, nurturing, healing soul.
I work with people in life transitions as a Faith-based Master Transformational Life Coach. I hold a Sacred space for clients, to support and empower them toward the best version of themselves. My life experiences, challenges, and personal traumas have given me a unique perspective on how people in similar situations cope and react to Changes and Transitions in life.
Therefore, I have focused my coaching on working with people in life-changing transitions struggling with what direction to take. I help them light their divine Spirit's Power, and cultivate Confidence, toward finding life's Purpose. So they can set a new course in life.

Feb. 1, 2023

Overcoming the Lies of Childhood, with Judy Schwingel

Episode 83. “… those lies early on really informed a whole lifetime of shielding myself that really was unnecessary because we have unlimited capabilities that are never tapped if we just give every individual the opportunity...

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