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Kevyn works as a Strategic Human Capital Consultant helping HR teams, business leaders and all stakeholders to achieve their own definitions of success. He hosts two podcast series, Timeout with Leaders and #HRevolution, focused on leadership and the future of HR. From his experience working in the world of technology, at ADP and Toshiba, he is always looking for the most efficient and effective way to do the administrative work, to free up time to be strategic when it comes to a business’s people. Putting people before profits, yields better outcomes for the business and the community.

May 4, 2022

The Best Advice, Lies & How to Change the World

Episode 48. The best piece of advice when I received when I was younger is... One lie I wish I discovered sooner is... The thing …

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March 16, 2022

Exposing Lies of HR, with Kevyn Rustici

Episode 41. HR stands for Human Relations, but what is it really? What is HR supposed to be doing for employees? For companies? …

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