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My name is Nyeshia Gibson CEO of Saving AJ, Inc. I am 31 years of age and have a single mom of three. I spend my daily life working with single moms, victims of domestic violence, victim of circumstances, victims of rape, postpartum moms and mothers incarcerated. I provide free childcare to our moms so they can focus on getting help they need. This is my passion because I understand what it feels like to battle depression, I know what it feels like to lose yourself while searching for fulfillment from others. Also, because of where God has brought me from, I understand now where he is taking me. I remember going to counseling and feeling like I couldn't open up in fear of losing my children. I remember never being able to talk to anyone about it because of fear of what others may think. I am here to tell you that no matter what your short comings in life are or were, you can help others by just sharing your story. You never know where telling your story may take you. You never know how telling your story can help others. You can turn your story and experiences into your testimony. With God all things is possible. Never give up, Never lose hope🙏🏾

The harder your journey, the bigger your testimony!

May 18, 2022

The Hard Truth about Motherhood, with Nyeshia Gibson

Episode 50. Nyeshia Gibson is 31 years old, a single mother of three and the CEO of Saving AJ, Inc. Nyeshia spends her days worki…

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