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Sarah O'Brien Hammond

Founder / Mom / Wife / Athlete / Personal Development Addict

I am Chief Community Officer and Founder of The Network of Women. Driven by my own life’s journey, my mission is to bring together growth-minded women through diverse and unique experiences focused on helping them live their best, most fulfilled life. By day, I’m one of New York City’s most successful recruiters and career coaches. I’m also a proud mother of two daughters and a fur baby, a wife, and fitness enthusiast. What started as a side hustle, quickly became my life’s work and purpose. Fueled by the same desire that drives my role as a recruiter, I started The NoW to connect, support and empower women, who like myself, were looking for something more. My hope is that through this network, you too will find greater clarity, fulfillment and happiness and create the positive shifts in your life which you desire.

Aug. 31, 2022

From "Hustle & Grind" to Living in the NOW, with Sarah O'Brien Hammond

Episode 63. “My hope is really for people to reclaim or to claim and know that they have the power to design a life that truly …

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