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Theresia Intag, president and founder of Intag Consulting, an innovative "fractional recruiting" firm geared towards small to medium sized companies. Theresia is a mom of 2 young adults, and designed her business to support workers that need flexible, part time schedules so they can juggle life's demands while working. In 2001, Theresia's father became terminally ill with cancer, and she was a first time mom with a 1 year old, and working in sales. Theresia understands how demanding life can get, and that we do not address this reality in our society or jobs. Theresia loves her team at Intag Consulting, and also enjoys traveling with her family, paddle boarding, reading, gardening, and celebrating the small wins in life.

April 27, 2022

You are Not Alone: Advice for Handling our Changing Times, with There…

Episode 47. “I had this really challenging client, very dysfunctional company. I was really struggling about what to do with them…

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