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Vaida Cesnulyte

Productivity Consultant

I am a numbers girl from Lithuania. After graduating with my Bachelor's and Masters's in Applied Mathematics, I moved to Finland to study Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Climate Change field. While I loved understanding the climate and physical processes behind it, presenting my research in various conferences, and collaborating with other scientists, I realized I do not see my future in academia and after 4.5 years I walked away. I wanted to use my Math knowledge in a different way.

For about 4 years I did various different jobs from Marketing Analyst to car import (I love cars!) in a small private firm. While being there, I started to put systems and tools in place to optimize work and automate it better. That was a breaking point when I realized I have the skills, the knowledge, and the desire to help people to be more productive and organize their time better. Goal Setting and Time Management have always fascinated me. I read tens of books on the topic, and also when I look back, I have been setting and achieving goals since school. I loved goals and I loved to achieve them even more!

In January 2021 I started my consulting business where I help established business owners, especially Attorney Owners, to grow their 6fig businesses towards multiple 6fig or 7fig while working fewer hours. I focus on up-leveling productivity skillset and becoming better at setting goals, organizing, prioritizing, managing emails and the calendar, eliminating distractions, and changing the mindset around effective work.

I am a firm believer that people are meant to do more in life than just work and I help to make it happen.

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