May 25, 2022

"Just Calm Down, It's All in Your Head," & Other Lies About the "Baby Blues," with Megan Mills

 Episode 51. “…everyone’s really excited about a new baby, and so is the mom, don't get me wrong. But ask mom if she's okay too. It's possible, she’s really not.”

A few months ago, Megan Mills introduced Linda to the term, “postpartum anxiety.”  Most people are aware of postpartum depression but postpartum anxiety is not as widely known. 

Megan shares candidly about her struggle with postpartum anxiety after the traumatic birth experience she had with her son. 

To help other mothers, Megan currently volunteers on the Board of Directors for Saving AJ. She joins Nyeshia Gibson (Episode 50) in supporting mothers who struggle with mental health issues due to postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. 

Megan shares:

 “I think it's just a little reminder to be kind to people, you don't know what's going on with them.”

“For people that feel like they need to hide it, you don’t. Share it. Because ever since I started sharing this, I've found so many people that have similar stories.”

“…there’s women out there that really need help and they don't know where to get it. And maybe they don't have the ability to lean on a husband or lean on a best friend or, or maybe their family doesn't believe that anxiety and depression are a thing. ‘Oh, it's just in your head. Everything's fine. You're just having the baby blues,’ which makes me crazy. We need to support them.” 

Megan is the owner of the Flanagan Mills Agency. She has worked in the insurance industry for 15 years in various capacities.

Megan and her husband, Brady have two children a daughter, Ada, and a son, Jackson.

You can reach Megan at and her website is

If you’re suffering from postpartum anxiety or postpartum depression, there is support available. 

If you live in the Rochester, NY area, you can call the Saving AJ hotline at 866-222-6250.  To learn more about Saving AJ’s services go to 

Outside of Rochester, there is a hotline sponsored by a non-profit called Parents Helping Parents. You can call their 24 hour Parental Stress Hotline at 800-632-8188.

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Megan Mills

Megan is the owner of the Flanagan Mills Agency. She has worked in the insurance industry for 15 years in various capacities. Megan opened her own agency in October 2015.

The most rewarding part of owning her own agency is to work with customers daily on developing the best insurance program for their needs. Megan’s key strengths include relationship building, networking, and the ability to build trust and respect.

Megan is active in the local Rochester, NY, community, and she serves on the board of directors for the Rochester Women’s Network and is a member of the Irondequoit Business Chamber.

Megan currently volunteers on the Board of Directors for Saving AJ, a local non-profit that focuses on helping postpartum women with emergency child care and connections to other local resources to help their families. Megan finished her tenure as president of the Rochester Women’s Network in early 2021. In 2017, Megan was the recipient of the Rochester Women’s Network Up & Coming Award. She has obtained several insurance industry awards and in 2016 was named a Women to Watch by the Democrat & Chronicle.

Megan has a large family in upstate New York and currently lives in Rochester with her husband, Brady, daughter, Ada, and son, Jackson.