July 21, 2021

Lies Meet Reality, with David Battaglia

Lies Meet Reality, with David Battaglia

Episode 21. Linda talks with David Battaglia, host of the Perception is Reality podcast.  

David lives in Texas and spends much of his time trying to help people combat common misconceptions. He is often perplexed as to why people take things at face value. 

David hosted his podcast for two years and describes it as  “an unscripted, unedited, sincere conversation discussing and comparing each other’s version of reality.”

Linda was a guest on David’s podcast in 2019. She credits her experience as a major influence in creating Normal Lies. You can listen to the episode where Linda was a guest here, Can people who push our buttons teach us anything?

In this episode, David talks about how being introverted led him to do his podcast. Linda and David also discuss  confirmation bias and social media, and how listening and curiosity can change our perception, uncover lies and ultimately change our world. 

You can contact David at PIRPodcast@Gmail.com.

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