Oct. 6, 2021

Lies of Addiction, with Tamara MacDuff

Lies of Addiction, with Tamara MacDuff

Episode 31.  "Stand on your mess, not in it," is the message Tamara MacDuff endorses since losing her daughter, Emily, to an overdose 3 years ago.

Tamara shares Emily's story and their family's journey through grief to offer healing and hope to anyone who is struggling from, or touched by, addiction.

Tamara’s courage, vulnerability and radical honesty make for a real, raw and compelling conversation.  Which is what we need to have more of in order to create change and save lives.

Tamara MacDuff is the fearless leader at Now Digital Marketing and also has an Associate’s degree in Mortuary Science and a Master’s in Organizational Management.

Tamara grew up as a funeral home kid so she had to be very quiet during calling hours. She recalls having whisper fights with her brother and that 2-4pm and 7-9pm  were the longest two  hours of her life!

Tamara continues her father's legacy of giving back to the community by working with SCORE, Rochester Professional Consultants Network, her ROC Voices radio show, Coffee Connection and more. 

You can reach Tamara at tamara@nowdigitalmarketing.us or on Facebook or Linked In.

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