Sept. 14, 2022

Replay: "Momming," Shaming & Vulnerability Hangovers, with Amanda Harrington


Episode 65.   "This podcast is about the “normal lies" that we have been born into that have become so “normalized.” I think is one of them is that whole “American work ethic.” Yes, we, we want to work, but it's also important to take time off. It's also important to take care of ourselves and if we're working all the time, it's hard to connect with our families."

When this podcast airs, Linda will be on vacation with her family so she decided to run a replay or at least a partial replay of one of her favorite episodes. 

This is part of her interview with Amanda Harrington, who is a wife, and at the time that this first aired, a mom to a two and a half year old son, who also led a product strategy team as a senior product manager at an international tech company. 

Amanda is now the proud mom of a four year old and has risen to the position of Director of Product marketing at that same tech company. 

Amanda was Linda's first guest and she is also her daughter. 

Linda & Amanda discuss the joys and  struggles of motherhood,  mom-shaming and being a working mother in this day and age.  There are a few twists and turns in this episode as an unexpected guest shows up and Linda is confronted with the good and the not so good of her own motherhood experience. 
 Shame and vulnerability researcher, Dr. Brené Brown coined the term, vulnerability hangover. It refers to the time after we take an emotional risk and we are uncertain of the outcome. That is exactly how Linda felt after this interview.

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