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Episode #83 - Judy Schwingel

Linda was so kind and easy to talk to. I prepare ideas to talk about on Podcasts. But Linda organically led the conversation in a direction I was not expecting and it felt so natural and pure. I am truly proud of the episode we produced. It truly reflects my innate nature, intention, and business model. Linda presented my truths as only she can; by allowing me to show the NORNAL LIES I have released. Thank you! Linda

Fantastic Concept!

Challenging our thoughts and beliefs about what is “normal” allows us to free ourselves from all kind of limitations. Linda is a fabulous host and has such important, informative conversations with her guests. I thoroughly enjoy this podcast as a listener and was honored to be a guest!

Heartfelt and authentic

This podcast is a must for listeners who are looking for truth, wisdom, and loving guidance in their lives. Linda, the host of this podcast, guides the conversations with a unique charm and in a truly heartfelt manner. It has been a pleasure listening to and being a guest on this podcast. I highly recommend listeners to tune in and hear Linda uncover the Normal Lies with her guests so that truth can come to light for many more humans on our planet.

Perspective Changing

Linda and the Normal Lies Podcast challenges pre-conceived notions we have as humans because of our environments or upbringings. It is amazing how Linda is able to challenge these feelings we have gently that convicts us of what we might not be thinking correctly about, but not doing so in a way that makes us feel guilty. Listening to Normal Lies weekly always changes my perspectives for the better and opens up new ideas. Linda is a brilliant host and brings on amazing guests. I can truly say that the podcast has helped me become a more well rounded and empathetic person!

Daring to go there

In each episode, Linda digs deep into issues that are sure to resonate with listeners -- things we may obsess about, worry about, be afraid to admit, or want to understand better, often in order to understand *ourselves* better. She asks thoughtful questions of her guests and invites listeners into these invigorating conversations in such a welcoming way that it's like we're all sitting around in her living room together. Enlightening, refreshing, and inspiring.

Great podcast!

This is a great podcast if you want to grow personally and find more peace and clarity in your daily life. Linda Heeler does an amazing job of finding great guests and asking the perfect questions. Check this out- you don’t be disappointed!

great learning and conversation

This podcast has a conversational feel and covers useful topics. It’s nice to have a resource that encourages listeners to think about and challenge ideas and beliefs that are not helping them.

Mark Dulaney knows his stuff!

I love this podcast with Mark Delaney. He really made me think. He isn’t swayed by media hype about nutritional products or the propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry. He simply lives a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to listening to more of your podcasts. FYI, Why does Apple make it so difficult to leave a review? My page did not give me the option to click on the stars. I was led in circles for a while. With that said, I truly appreciated your explanation. It was clear and showed exactly what to do until I pulled it up and found that it was not the same for everyone. Alas, with several more clicks and some searching, I found the all important Write a Review tab.

Got me thinking!

Love Linda's conversations with her guests. They are always thought provoking and interesting. Her diversity in subject matter experts is spot on and I am so grateful that this podcast made its way into my universe!

Mitchell Fink responds to his interview on Normal Lies

I was very happy to hear the first of two parts of my interview with Linda Heeler for her exceptional podcast, Normal Lies. She asked great questions, and made me feel comfortable throughout.

Positive Real talk

I'm really enjoying the podcast! The stories are so inspiring and give such perspective into topics that you can relate too. Megan and Nyeshia's episodes really resonated with me. As a mother myself their epsiodes particularly struck a chord. Looking forward to new episodes and exploring the back catalogue!

Thoughtful Listening!

I always love listening to Normal Lies. Linda is so skilled at delving deep and asking questions that really prompt those on the show to think critically. She's not afraid to raise hard questions or question assumptions. I learn something new each time I listen!


Passion is what I describe this podcast as, it was a great joy to be a guest but love listening to Linda continue to challenge old thoughts!

Great topics, great host.

Throughly enjoyed this podcast. Especially love the host. Great questions, great guests. Looking forward to season 2.

A True Joy!

Normal Lies is a podcast that can be many different things and is often surprising. Linda has a way of challenging her guests and the result is compelling, stimulating dialogue. The topics are wide ranging and always interesting. I would highly recommend listening in and you’ll discover lies in places you may never have thought of.

I love this podcast!

Linda does a great job opening the door to challenging topics and allowing her guests to truly shine. Thank you Linda!

Brain Fix

Linda’s podcast is gold because it tackles topics we PERSONALLY need to explore but under-think. It provides interesting perspectives in a way that is fascinating and relatable. This is great for self-improvement, building understanding toward others, learning to think about your personal issues differently, and empowerment! Thank you for your podcast Linda.

You won’t regret listening

Each episode has insightful comments from guests on the lies that they have known or grown up with. For me, there have been several “ah ha” moments while listening. The episodes with Michelle Wescott have brought up some great points that remind me of the important work that I need to continue to do to help my friends of color. I really enjoyed Lisa’s episode reminding me to focus on the positive parts of life. I loved the anecdote on 60 seconds of frustration is 60 seconds spent in your short life not happy. And there are so many more moments in each episode that I didn’t mention. If you haven’t yet listened I highly recommend it!

Episode 8 hit me right between the eyes!!

Your body being the indicator of your emotions. Whoa!!! Spot on! The difference between PTS and PTSD. Very eye opening. Breathe!! Made me think about some of the traumatic things that have happened in my life.

Jennifer Caves

Just listened to this podcast again, Love the guests and their stories. Linda does such a great job asking questions. She is like a Barbara Walters!👏👏👏👏👏❤️

Love this Podcast!

Listening to this podcast is like chatting with your BFF-comforting and challenging. So grateful I was able to listen in!

Authentic and thought provoking

Great guests and compelling discussions. I always have an aha takeaway from Linda’s podcast.

Grateful for this!

Linda’s voice and the voices she empowers are a great blend of welcoming, empowering, and challenging. Congrats on 3 months and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your work!!

Relevant, Insightful, and Validating

I love listening to Linda's podcasts. It is like listening to a friend. I enjoy hearing about her story and reflecting on my own life...I recommend listening to Normal Lies...make time for this podcast!

So true

Although I have just started listening to the podcast, I have found Linda’s thoughts and revelations to be incredibly authentic. Her honesty and bravery in sharing her journey encourage me to examine my own thought patterns and practices. I highly recommend this podcast.

Relevant for Everyday People

What I like best about this podcast is it’s relevance to my everyday life. It’s topics touch on things I see everyday, and its guests inspire me to be authentic and courageous, even if my actions might seem insignificant. The best part is, these are people I might see in the grocery store, people who have expertise and knowledge but are regular, everyday people trying to make the world a better place.

Great reminders for daily life

Linda’s wise words and helpfulness is something we can all use! Each story told and how we can relate a lesson to our lives, our relationships with others and ourselves, are great reminders for how to navigate everyday situations and life!

Inspiring and Real

It always feels so personal when you're listening to Linda ... she is worth taking a pause in your life - and a listen - at lunch, or when you get up in the morning ... we all could use a little help and inspiration along the way.

Makes you think!

I love that this podcast challenges you to think differently and expand your point of view. Great topics and I appreciate Linda’s vulnerability and openness with her guests.

Episode 3

I love the format! I agree that it is so important for people to be open and honest, especially with our families, and so hard to accomplish sometimes... love this podcast!