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Brain Fix

Linda’s podcast is gold because it tackles topics we PERSONALLY need to explore but under-think. It provides interesting perspectives in a way that is fascinating and relatable. This is great for self-improvement, building understanding toward others, learning to think about your personal issues di…

You won’t regret listening

Each episode has insightful comments from guests on the lies that they have known or grown up with. For me, there have been several “ah ha” moments while listening. The episodes with Michelle Wescott have brought up some great points that remind me of the important work that I need to continue to …

Episode 8 hit me right between the eyes!!

Your body being the indicator of your emotions. Whoa!!! Spot on! The difference between PTS and PTSD. Very eye opening. Breathe!! Made me think about some of the traumatic things that have happened in my life.

Jennifer Caves

Just listened to this podcast again, Love the guests and their stories. Linda does such a great job asking questions. She is like a Barbara Walters!👏👏👏👏👏❤️

Love this Podcast!

Listening to this podcast is like chatting with your BFF-comforting and challenging. So grateful I was able to listen in!

Authentic and thought provoking

Great guests and compelling discussions. I always have an aha takeaway from Linda’s podcast.

Grateful for this!

Linda’s voice and the voices she empowers are a great blend of welcoming, empowering, and challenging. Congrats on 3 months and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your work!!

Relevant, Insightful, and Validating

I love listening to Linda's podcasts. It is like listening to a friend. I enjoy hearing about her story and reflecting on my own life...I recommend listening to Normal Lies...make time for this podcast!

So true

Although I have just started listening to the podcast, I have found Linda’s thoughts and revelations to be incredibly authentic. Her honesty and bravery in sharing her journey encourage me to examine my own thought patterns and practices. I highly recommend this podcast.

Relevant for Everyday People

What I like best about this podcast is it’s relevance to my everyday life. It’s topics touch on things I see everyday, and its guests inspire me to be authentic and courageous, even if my actions might seem insignificant. The best part is, these are people I might see in the grocery store, people w…

Great reminders for daily life

Linda’s wise words and helpfulness is something we can all use! Each story told and how we can relate a lesson to our lives, our relationships with others and ourselves, are great reminders for how to navigate everyday situations and life!

Inspiring and Real

It always feels so personal when you're listening to Linda ... she is worth taking a pause in your life - and a listen - at lunch, or when you get up in the morning ... we all could use a little help and inspiration along the way.

Makes you think!

I love that this podcast challenges you to think differently and expand your point of view. Great topics and I appreciate Linda’s vulnerability and openness with her guests.

Episode 3

I love the format! I agree that it is so important for people to be open and honest, especially with our families, and so hard to accomplish sometimes... love this podcast!

Great Concept

Brilliant concept. I enjoy the transparency, especially the conversation between Linda and her daughter. Great job tackling mom shaming and how we can better support parents. Often, the focus is on mothers. But, in order to create a workplace that better supports families, and encourages women to t…

Captured from the first second

The music captured me and then Linda’s voice reeled me in. By the time she said I’d be challenged and face tough questions I was already hooked. I love flipping the script on “normal” - if we all have to do something to be normal, no one is normal!! Love this!

Really insightful

I love being challenged to think differently about myself and the world, and Linda definitely does that here!