June 15, 2022

Revisiting The Black & the White of It, with Michelle Wescott

Revisiting The Black & the White of It, with Michelle Wescott

Episode 54.  Juneteenth celebrates the day that the last of the slaves in this country were freed. It is truly a day for all of us to celebrate!

In honor of the upcoming Juneteenth celebration, Normal Lies is replaying episode 16, The Black & the White of it, with Michelle Wescott. 

Michelle and Linda discuss topics from Linda's perspective as a white woman and Michelle's perspective as a black woman. 

Michelle and Linda discuss:

  • how they each relate to the term "melting pot"  as a description of our country. 
  • terms like Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, how to know what  the right term is to use and the simple practice that Michelle uncovered that we can all begin using right now! 
  • and, Linda offers important information EVERY US citizen should know about the Juneteenth holiday. 

 For more information about Juneteenth, go to BlackPast.org. When you do, please leave a donation.

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