Nov. 23, 2022

The Magic in Owning Your Story, with Jackie Goddard

The Magic in Owning Your Story, with Jackie Goddard

Episode 74. “…hopefully people will realize that there's nothing wrong with a bit of showing off and it's not showing off. It's just being confident…”

Jackie Goddard has spent 30 years working in the arts. She’s been a High Street fashion designer and worked in the costume department of the Royal Shakespeare Company,  She’s been an actor, producer and director for the London and Edinburgh fringe and has spent the last 20 years working with adults and children, teaching them how to act and use their voice effectively.

With Jackie’s company, Power To Speak, she uses her acting experience and training to coach business leaders, solopreneurs and professional speakers to use their voice and their story to show up confidently for their audience, customers and clients.

Jackie shares her experience helping others gain confidence and success by becoming who they are through owning their story:

  • “…this feeling that actually if you are showing up as yourself, then you are being seen as a show off or being arrogant. And actually what that does is that keeps people very small because they're frightened of showing up as themselves. And so we hide, we hide behind the character we think we should be. So we play rather than actually being…”
  •  “… that is really important what you have there, that knowledge you have, that that message you want to share is really important. As your audience, you are telling me this and I'm listening.  As an audience, I can tell you that this is worth sharing.”
  • “Doesn't matter how successful you are. I mean I've worked with CFOs of some very big companies and even they have a certain amount of imposter syndrome. So I don't think anybody escapes that. There's always that little voice in our heads.” 

You can reach Jackie through her website, or connect with Jackie on LinkedIn.

Find Power To Speak on YouTube or Apple Podcast. 

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