June 16, 2021

The Black & White of It, June edition, with Michelle Wescott

The Black & White of It, June edition, with Michelle Wescott

Episode 16.  Michelle Wescott, once again, joins Linda to discuss topics from Linda's perspective as a white woman and Michelle's perspective as a black woman. Listen as Michelle and Linda discuss how they relate to the term "melting pot"  as a description of our country. Linda brings up terms like Hispanic, Latino, Latinx,  and how frustrating it is to know what is the right term to use. Listen as Michelle breaks it down amidst their conversation to reveal a simple practice make life easier for everyone that  we can all begin, right now! In honor of the upcoming Juneteenth holiday, Linda offers important information EVERY US citizen should know about the holiday.

For more information about Juneteenth, go to BlackPast.org. Don't forget to leave a donation!

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