May 19, 2021

The Black & White of It continues, with Michelle Wescott

The Black & White of It continues, with Michelle Wescott

Episode 12. This is part 2 of my conversation with my friend,  Michelle Wescott, an instructional design director at Cornell University. We talk about how society’s values have influenced the conversation around black lives matter and saying all lives matter.  Michelle discusses why needing and wanting validation from her perspective  as a black woman is different than mine. You will also learn an incredible piece of Michelle’s family history. 

I discuss how it's possible to live in a white supremacist culture without being a white supremacist.  I share my discovery of a characteristic of white supremacy culture that has a deleterious effect on all people, no matter your race.

The article referenced on the characteristics of white supremacy culture can be seen here: Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture, by Tema Okun.

Learn more about SURJ,  Showing Up For Racial Justice, the national organization.

Learn more about the Rochester, NY chapter SURJROC.

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