May 12, 2021

The Black & White of It, with Michelle Wescott

The Black & White of It, with Michelle Wescott

Episode 11-  Michelle Wescott and I have an open and frank conversation from my perspective as a white woman and Michelle’s perspective as a black woman. You may remember Michelle from Episode 7 where she talked about her coaching experience.

In this episode,  we discuss how we intentionally transitioned from coach & client to friends. We discuss how our friendship does not make sense in our current state of the world because of our many differences. But somehow it works.

We also talk about the difference between the conversations about race in my household growing up compared to Michelle's experience as a child and, how that has impacted how she raises her daughter. Listen in as I,  a white woman and Michelle, a black woman, navigate topics such as talking to children about race, racism Michelle experienced as child that she feels to this day and our take on being “colorblind” when it comes to race. 

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