June 2, 2021

Uncovering Business Lies & a "Secret Sauce" for Success, with Ben Albert

Uncovering Business Lies & a

Episode 14. My conversation with Ben Albert brought about AHA moments for both of us when it comes to a topic that most of us would rather not talk about, vulnerability.  Ben also talks about a lie he's come  to realize as a result of starting his business and shares  how gratitude sets the course for his business and his life.

Ben Albert started podcasting in 2016 when he launched Rochester Groovecast Podcast where highlights the local music scene (and also gets him into places for free). Over 100 episodes later, he has built the show into a top-ranked podcast. In 2020, Ben launched Rochester Business Connections, a podcast that highlights the Rochester business community. Over 50 episodes later, the podcast has been Ben’s best networking source while building his business, Balbert Marketing.

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