June 1, 2022

Using Your Strengths to Find Your Voice, with Golden Madume

Using Your Strengths to Find Your Voice, with Golden Madume

Episode 52.

Meet Golden Madume, a teacher, coach and speaker. 

Born in Nigeria, Golden moved to the United States as a teenager in 2007 and began his journey of education and self-discovery. 

Golden is a Gallup-certified strengths coach and has a background in Life and Career Coaching. His passion is to support people in knowing who they are deeply through their strengths so they may find inner peace, confidence and take the next best step in their life. 

Golden’s passion is evident throughout his conversation with Linda:

  • “Your voice matters. It might not matter to every single person in the world, but your voice matters to someone who needs it and who will be impacted by it.”

  • “Why did I even expect that I was supposed to have superpowers by the age of 55? There's no timeline, there's no expectation. I believe everyone blossoms and blooms in their own time. And we all go through the challenges that we need to and the lessons that we need to absorb at the time that they're presented for us.”

  • “Whether it's knowledge and wisdom, whether it's strength, whether it's realization, whether it's our voice. We realize that, “Wow, I had it in me all along.” I just had to pay this little price of experience to get to that point.”

Linda also shares a review from one of her steadfast supporters.  

You can reach Golden at GoldenMadume@gmail.com and here on Instagram. 

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