July 20, 2022

Why I Think the Advice to "Never Give Up" is Stupid, with Linda Heeler

Why I Think the Advice to

Episode 58. "How many times have you heard, "never give up." It sounds great,  just keep working hard, don’t give up and your dreams will come true. It makes my head want to explode because I think to live by "never give up" is stupid and destructive."

Yes, you heard her right, Linda can't stand it when she hears the advice to never give up. In this episode, Linda recounts an experience where she wouldn't give up and  the toll it took on her physically, mentally and emotionally.

Linda talks about:
- the work situation that just about killed her
- what it's taken for her to heal from the trauma of the situation
- the impact  "gaslighting" had on her as a child
- what you can do to discern whether it's time to give up

Here's  the  Psychology Today article that Linda references on Gaslighting.

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