Sept. 29, 2021

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 2

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 2

Episode 30.  At the end of each episode, Linda asks her guests to complete 4 sentences:

"The most important thing I learned or best piece of advice I received when I was younger is…"

"One lie that I wish I discovered sooner is…"

"The thing that makes you authentically you is…"

"If you had a magic wand that would make everyone in the world believe one thing, it would be..."

Because of the brilliance and insight revealed in her guests responses, Linda compiled answers from her first 7 guests (plus herself) and created Episode 17, Wisdom in the Finale. 

It was a hit so Linda decided she would do it again. In this episode you hear from Kristi Mitchell, Rev. Dr. Stephanie Sauvé, David Battaglia, Lisa Caprelli, Ashley Fico, Lindsay White, Coach Jim Johnson, Rita Perez and Andrew Biernat.  If you’ve missed any of these guests full episodes, go to  to catch up as this is just a snippet of the insight they offer. 

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