Aug. 3, 2022

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 5

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 5

Episode 59. At the end of each guest’s episode, I ask them to complete these sentences:

The best piece of advice when I received when I was younger is…

One lie I wish I discovered sooner is…

The thing that makes you, you is…

What is one change you’d like to see in the world? What is one action, even a baby step, that we can take right now so we can move toward that change?

Today’s episode is a compilation of the answers from my most recent guests to these questions. The guests responses are brilliant, insightful and quite often humorous.

In order of appearance, you will  hear from Theresia Intag, Vaida Cesnultye, Nyeshia Gibson, Megan Mills, Golden Madume, Elle Rosselli, and Mitchell Fink. 

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Vaida CesnulyteProfile Photo

Vaida Cesnulyte

Productivity Consultant

I am a numbers girl from Lithuania. After graduating with my Bachelor's and Masters's in Applied Mathematics, I moved to Finland to study Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Climate Change field. While I loved understanding the climate and physical processes behind it, presenting my research in various conferences, and collaborating with other scientists, I realized I do not see my future in academia and after 4.5 years I walked away. I wanted to use my Math knowledge in a different way.

For about 4 years I did various different jobs from Marketing Analyst to car import (I love cars!) in a small private firm. While being there, I started to put systems and tools in place to optimize work and automate it better. That was a breaking point when I realized I have the skills, the knowledge, and the desire to help people to be more productive and organize their time better. Goal Setting and Time Management have always fascinated me. I read tens of books on the topic, and also when I look back, I have been setting and achieving goals since school. I loved goals and I loved to achieve them even more!

In January 2021 I started my consulting business where I help established business owners, especially Attorney Owners, to grow their 6fig businesses towards multiple 6fig or 7fig while working fewer hours. I focus on up-leveling productivity skillset and becoming better at setting goals, organizing, prioritizing, managing emails and the calendar, eliminating distractions, and changing the mindset around effective work.

I am a firm believer that people are meant to do more in life than just work and I help to make it happen.

MEGAN MILLSProfile Photo


Megan Mills

Megan is the owner of the Flanagan Mills Agency. She has worked in the insurance industry for 15 years in various capacities. Megan opened her own agency in October 2015.

The most rewarding part of owning her own agency is to work with customers daily on developing the best insurance program for their needs. Megan’s key strengths include relationship building, networking, and the ability to build trust and respect.

Megan is active in the local Rochester, NY, community, and she serves on the board of directors for the Rochester Women’s Network and is a member of the Irondequoit Business Chamber.

Megan currently volunteers on the Board of Directors for Saving AJ, a local non-profit that focuses on helping postpartum women with emergency child care and connections to other local resources to help their families. Megan finished her tenure as president of the Rochester Women’s Network in early 2021. In 2017, Megan was the recipient of the Rochester Women’s Network Up & Coming Award. She has obtained several insurance industry awards and in 2016 was named a Women to Watch by the Democrat & Chronicle.

Megan has a large family in upstate New York and currently lives in Rochester with her husband, Brady, daughter, Ada, and son, Jackson.

Elle RosselliProfile Photo

Elle Rosselli


Elle Rosselli helps busy coaches, consultants, and course creators increase conversions with authentic copy that’s true to their unique brand voice.

After spending a decade as a dental hygienist, Elle lives the freelance lifestyle, enjoying every excuse to get outside with her husband and 2 little boys.

Theresia IntagProfile Photo

Theresia Intag


Theresia Intag, president and founder of Intag Consulting, an innovative "fractional recruiting" firm geared towards small to medium sized companies. Theresia is a mom of 2 young adults, and designed her business to support workers that need flexible, part time schedules so they can juggle life's demands while working. In 2001, Theresia's father became terminally ill with cancer, and she was a first time mom with a 1 year old, and working in sales. Theresia understands how demanding life can get, and that we do not address this reality in our society or jobs. Theresia loves her team at Intag Consulting, and also enjoys traveling with her family, paddle boarding, reading, gardening, and celebrating the small wins in life.

mitchell finkProfile Photo

mitchell fink

NY Times Bestselling Author

Mitchell Fink is the New York Times Bestselling co-author of NEVER FORGET: AN ORAL HISTORY OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. His other published books include THE LAST DAYS OF DEAD CELEBRITIES, which chronicles the last days and weeks in the lives of fifteen very famous people, including John Lennon, John Belushi, Orson Welles, Lucille Ball, and Tupac Shakur, and CHANGE OF HEART, the racially charged love story about a black man who was transplanted with the heart of a white woman.

An internationally recognized journalist, Fink has been a columnist at the New York Daily News, People magazine, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, as well as an on-air correspondent at CNN, FOX, CBS, and "Access Hollywood." Fink also produced the 2018 Netflix documentary, MADDMAN: THE STEVE MADDEN STORY, about the iconic and world-renowned shoe designer.

As a ghostwriter, Fink penned THE PATRIARCH, A SIRULNICK FAMILY MEMOIR, which was written as a vanity piece for a family that wanted the extraordinary life of their grandfather and great grandfather chronicled for family members down the line.

Today, Fink is a book doctor who is helping writers realize their dreams through the entire process of writing, editing, connecting to the right literary agent, and then finally to a mainstream publishing imprint.

Fink’s first novel, CREATURES OF THE WIND, is set in New York City in the late 1970s, during the very last gasps of the pre-AIDS era when little or no thought was given to any consequences for unrestrained and unprotected sexual behavior, Readers with any sense of history may see what’s coming, but the characters won't start figuring it all out until for some of them it's too late. The manuscript is now being shopped by his agent, Chandler Crawford, at the Transatlantic Agency.

Golden MadumeProfile Photo

Golden Madume

Coach and Speaker

Golden Madume is a teacher, coach and speaker. He was born in Nigeria, moved to the United States as a teenager in 2007 and began his journey of education and self-discovery. He is a gallup-certified strengths and coach and has a background in Life and Career Coaching. His passion is to support people in knowing who they are deeply through their strengths so they may find inner peace, confidence and take the next best step in their life. He has been coaching for 10 years now, and spoken to groups small & large across the United States. In his free time he loves photography, tv shows, walking, cooking and long conversations about life with friends and strangers.

Nyeshia GibsonProfile Photo

Nyeshia Gibson


My name is Nyeshia Gibson CEO of Saving AJ, Inc. I am 31 years of age and have a single mom of three. I spend my daily life working with single moms, victims of domestic violence, victim of circumstances, victims of rape, postpartum moms and mothers incarcerated. I provide free childcare to our moms so they can focus on getting help they need. This is my passion because I understand what it feels like to battle depression, I know what it feels like to lose yourself while searching for fulfillment from others. Also, because of where God has brought me from, I understand now where he is taking me. I remember going to counseling and feeling like I couldn't open up in fear of losing my children. I remember never being able to talk to anyone about it because of fear of what others may think. I am here to tell you that no matter what your short comings in life are or were, you can help others by just sharing your story. You never know where telling your story may take you. You never know how telling your story can help others. You can turn your story and experiences into your testimony. With God all things is possible. Never give up, Never lose hope🙏🏾

The harder your journey, the bigger your testimony!