Oct. 5, 2022

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 6

Wisdom in the Finale, Part 6

Episode 68. Linda, once again, brings a compilation of her most recent guest's answers to her finale questions:

  • What’s The best piece of advice you received when you were younger?
  • A lie you wish you discovered sooner?
  • What’s the thing that makes you, you?
  • What is one change you’d like to see in the world & one action, even a baby step, that we can take right now so we can move toward that change? 

The guests responses are brilliant, insightful and quite often humorous.

In order of appearance, you’ll  hear from:
Bill Gilliland (Episode 57) 
Michelle DeNio (Episode 60)
Dani Hamlet & Kristi Mitchell (Episode 61)
Beverly Price  (Episode 62)
Sarah O’Brien Hammond (Episode 63)
Gary Miles (Episode 64)

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Michelle DeNioProfile Photo

Michelle DeNio

Business Strategist

Michelle DeNio is the founder of the Accelerated Business Alliance and Your Business GPS–an expert Business Strategist and Coach–helping online service providers navigate their most efficient, profitable, and sustainable ROUTE to Fully Booked.

Michelle is your number one referral partner who tells you what you need to hear and always has your back.

When Michelle isn’t coaching or facilitating her networking mastermind group, the Accelerated Business Alliance, you can find her enjoying Donut Sunday, soaking up the sun on a Florida beach, and sometimes both at once!

Bill GillilandProfile Photo

Bill Gilliland

Business Coach and Entrepreneur

Meet Bill Gilliland

Award Winning Business Coach, Best Selling Author, Presenter, and Entrepreneur

Bill is a 5X business owner and entrepreneur, who found his true purpose in coaching other business owners to success. Bill has worked with 100's of business owners to achieve EPIC results, while also helping them achieve their personal goals.Bill is now on a mission to provide world-class, life-changing business coaching and education to 10,000 entrepreneurs..

Bill is currently one on the top ActionCOACH business coaches in the world, speaks on a wide range of business topics, and loves to teach entrepreneurs how to live out their purposes.

Bill lives in Montreat, NC with his wife of 38 years, Lynn. They have two grown sons. In his spare time, Bill enjoys golf, fly-fishing, reading books on business and theology, and pretty much doing anything outdoors with his sons.

Beverly PriceProfile Photo

Beverly Price

Beverly Price, Host and founder of Her-Self-Expression Podcast and transformational coach, provides knowledge, support, and insight to help women on their journey to self-empowerment, so they can take on the world. She is the founder of Nastava Jewelry, where her custom creations reflect the journey of self-empowerment, self-expression, and beauty. Beverly is on a mission to help 100,000 women to live the powerful and fabulous lives they are made for. She inspires women to learn how they can use self-expression on the inside and outside to develop self-empowerment so they can ultimately become the women they long to be. Each episode brings her listeners industry-leading guests, growth strategies and actionable takeaways that will help her audience on their self-empowerment journey.
With an MBA and a background as a leader in the financial services industry, Beverly comes from a background of making herself small in order to make others feel safe. While in the corporate world, she didn’t even accessorize her attire, but instead focused on fitting into a man’s world. When she finally embraced her ability to own her power and make a statement, she went from self-loathing to self-love. Her transformation was apparent in both her exterior appearance and her internal confidence, and this is the transformation that Beverly supports her client in creating. For over 25 years, Beverly has guided coaching and strategy sessions for women, where she delivers the proven steps to guide them on their total journey, while providing industry- renowned resources to help them achieve their goals.
There are many podcasts that serve women entrepreneurs, women’s fashion, or emotional issues. However, Her Self Expression is the first of its kind to bring an all-encompassing approach to creating a powerful ecosystem for all women to have one source to support their overall growth. When she’s not creating a new business, coaching, podcasting or designing and creating statement jewelry, Beverly enjoys living by the beach in South Carolina with her family and four dogs.

Kristi MitchellProfile Photo

Kristi Mitchell

Marketing Strategist

Kristi Mitchell is a Marketing Strategist. She specializes in working with established service-based business owners who have relied on referrals and word-of-mouth to get to where they are today. They know in order to take their business to the next level, they need to finally get strategic about their marketing efforts. Kristi assesses all areas of your digital marketing (both in terms of data and content) in order to make customized, detailed recommendations. She also has an extensive network of implementation experts to connect you with as needed.

Danielle HamletProfile Photo

Danielle Hamlet

Social Media & Podcast Manager

Danielle Hamlet (most people call her Dani... so you can too!) helps business owners create and manage their content. She specializes in social media and podcast management with the mission to consistently showcase your business' values and voice online -- so you can be the thought leader in your industry.

Dani worked online for 6 years as a teacher before starting her own business. She lives in Michigan with her husband and 3 kids. Dani loves coffee, deadlines, a great book, and a problem to solve... and she's happy :)

Sarah O'Brien HammondProfile Photo

Sarah O'Brien Hammond

Founder / Mom / Wife / Athlete / Personal Development Addict

I am Chief Community Officer and Founder of The Network of Women. Driven by my own life’s journey, my mission is to bring together growth-minded women through diverse and unique experiences focused on helping them live their best, most fulfilled life. By day, I’m one of New York City’s most successful recruiters and career coaches. I’m also a proud mother of two daughters and a fur baby, a wife, and fitness enthusiast. What started as a side hustle, quickly became my life’s work and purpose. Fueled by the same desire that drives my role as a recruiter, I started The NoW to connect, support and empower women, who like myself, were looking for something more. My hope is that through this network, you too will find greater clarity, fulfillment and happiness and create the positive shifts in your life which you desire.